USA Football
Posted Jul 19, 2012

Interested in trying out for the most Elite team in the US. Try out for team USA. USA Football travels to 8 major cities in America where kids from every state come to try out. If selected your child will be invited for the most incredible week of football in his life. He will have an opportunity to play against some of the best Football players in his age group from around the World. Team USA has three different age groups. 15U, 17U, and the incredible 19U. CAYFA helped send three young men in the 15U group in 2012. These young men are the first from the area to represent the United States. Tristan Hawn and Michael Kay both have played for CAYFA the past five years and have developed into two great football players. Michael McCalvin just finished his first year in CAYFA and had a great showing in Austin. CAYFA believes the area holds enough talent to send kids every year. You can apply at WWW.USAFOOTBALL.COM. Fill out the registration form and recieve an invite to a tryout