USA Football
Age Groups and Weight Limits

Age Groups:

8U Age Group - Red Shirt Freshman/Freshman (Must be 8 or younger on Sep 1st, 2019)

10U Age Group - Sophomores (Must be 10 or younger on Sep 1st, 2019)

12U Age Group - Juniors (Must be 13 or younger on June 1st, 2019)



Weight Limits:

8U: 95 pound ball carrier weight

10U: 130 pound ball carrier weight

12U: 155 pound ball carrier weight

14U: This is an unrestricted weight limit age group

The weight limits are for ball carriers only (there is no overall weight limit). Anyone who exceeds the ball carrier weight will have to play on the offensive or defensive line in a three point stance with a flourescent green stripe down the center of there helmet. Green stripes are not allowed to play on special teams unless the team does not have enough players, then they must play on the front line. Players are given two opportunities to make weight. Players must make weight 1 time only. Any child exceeding the weight limit can request to play up.