USA Football
Columbia Area Youth Football Association

Section 1 – Governing Body
A. The governing body of C.A.Y.F.A. is it's volunteer Board of Directors. Any rule not covered herein will be covered first by the Georgia High School Association and thereafter by USA Football.

Section 2 – Player Equipment and Uniforms
A. Ball Sizes:
8U Year Old Division - Pee Wee
10U Year Old Division – Junior
12U Year Old Division – Youth
14U Year Old Division – High School
B. All players are required to wear rubber soled shoes or cleats.
D. During all games every player must be in full uniform. The full uniform includes:
1. Helmet ( All Helmets must be same color)
2. Chin Strap
3. Shoulder Pads
4. Knee, Thigh, Tail, and Hip pads in pants.
E. Game jerseys should only be worn on game days.
“Any player not in full uniform will not be allowed to play”

Section 3 – Weight Limits are for ball carriers only. Players overweight will be marked on the helmet and have to be a down lineman in a three point stance or have the option to play up a division with board approval. Overweight players can not play on special teams.
A. 8U Year Old Division – 115lbs

10U Year Old Division – 130lbs

12U Year Old Division – 155lbs

14U Year Old Division – Unlimited

Section 4 – Rules
A. Games will be played between two teams consisting of at least 10 players each. Game time is forfeit
B. Games will consist of four 10 minute quarters with a five minute halftime. The clock will stop on timeouts and scores. The last two(2) minutes of each half, the clock will run as a regulation clock.
C. 8U & 10U & 12U Player field will be 80 yards long. 14U division will play on a 100 yard field.
D. Only the Head Coach may confer with the officials during a charged time out.
E. CAYFA game cancellations: No game will be canceled until game time; but if the first game is canceled, all games are canceled.
Games will be called at the field if sleeting, lightning, icy, or extreme weather conditions exist.
F. Wearing a mouth piece is MANDATORY for all playing tackle football.
G. Each team will recieve 3 timeouts per half. Unused timeouts cannot carry over to the next half.
H.Game coaches: Each Head Coach will be allowed 3 Assistant Coaches on the sideline during the game. One team photographer will be allowed inside the ropes but not on the field at anytime. All coaches and photographers will wear badges showing their position with the team. No photographer will be allowed to assist in coaching at any time. If a photographer assists with coaching the photography position will be forfeited by the team.
I. Center will be protected when quarterback is in "shotgun". Quarterback is considered in "shotgun" when not under center. Distance from center is not a controlling factor. No defensive player may line up headup on center when quarterback is in "shotgun".

*Special Division Rules*

Extra Point Scoring - 8U, 10U, 12U Divisions
A. Extra points kicked - 2 points
B. Extra points run from the 2-1/2 yard extra point line - 1 point
C. Extra points run from the 5 yard line - 2 points

8U Division
A. No blitzing linebackers, cornerbacks or safeties.
B. Maximum of 6 players may line up on the defensive line.
C. Nose guards and defensive tackles must line up heads up on an offensive lineman with at least one hand down prior to the snap.
C. Linebackers and safeties must be lined up at least 3 yds from the line of scrimmage.
D. When not in coverage, cornerbacks must line up at least 5 yds from the nearest defensive lineman.

6U Division
A. No Blitzing linebackers, corners, or safeties
B. Max. 4 players on defensive line. Interior defensive lineman must line headup on offensive players.
C. Fumbles on offense do not result in a turnover. Defensive players recovered fumbles, strips, and interceptions are dead balls and the offense keeps posession. Turnovers only occur on downs.
D. 2 Halfs 20 minute constant running clock 5 minute half time.
E. No extra points.
F. Playoffs and Championship - All teams play at the Championship. No overtime. No playoffs and every team wins!

Section 5 – Special Teams
A. Kickoff
8U & 6U Division
No Kick - Offense takes the ball on the 30 yard line
10U Divisions
Kickoff team will line up on the 30 yard line with the Receiving team on the 40 yard line.
12U and 14U Division
Kickoff team will line up on the 35 yard line with the Receiving team on the 45 yard line.
B. Punts
8U & 6U Division
No Punt - Punts are walked off 30 yards or half the distance to the goal line
10U Division
All offensive players and defensive players must be on one knee until the ball is punted, except for the punt returners (maximum of 2). Offense may have 2 wide-outs on their feet during the
snap. All players can release and participate once the ball has been punted.
12U and 14U Division.
Punts are live.
C. Extra Points and Field Goals
8U and 10U Divisions
All players are down on one knee except for the center, holder, and kicker. Defense will not beallowed to make noise or harass the kicking team.
12U Division
Extra point kicks are played on one knee (not live).
14U Division
Extra point kicks are live.

Section 6 – Tie Breaker
A. Tie Breakers are as follows:
1. Each team will get the ball once from the 10 yard line. Each team will receive four downs to score a touchdown or field goal.
B. Each team will have two(2) timeouts per half. Each team may carry over 1 unused timeout into the second half. Injury timeouts will be charged to the officials. No player conferences will be allowed
during an official timeout.

Section 7 – Penalty Enforcement
A. Minor Penalties – 5 Yards
Illegal Motion
Illegal Formation
Delay of Game
Intentional Grounding
Illegal Forward Pass
Ineligible Receiver

B. Major Penalties – 10 Yards
Defensive Pass Interference
Offensive Pass Interference
Horse Collar
Personal Foul
Defensive Holding
Illegal Blocking
-Leaving Feet
-Blocking on all fours
Georgia high school penalities will be assesed for 12U and 14U divisions when played on 100 field.