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About the League
The Inspiration and Concept for Spring Football
By: Buddy Rish – Founder - CAYFA Football

In 2007 I along with several other coaches was invited to put together a team of 10&11 year old players to play arena football in Augusta Ga. The teams competed before the now defunct Spartans Arena football team. They competed in the Augusta Civic Center in downtown Augusta, Ga. The youth league was formed to help bring patrons to the failing pro arena league. This was a windfall for the youth who had the opportunity to play before the small crowds in a public setting. They gained confidence and increased skill with the additional spring season in a public setting.

In 2008 the Spartans were sold and due to the financial issues with the Coliseum authority for the new owners the Youth were left out in the cold. Here comes CAYFA to fill the void. I decided that other sports offered the opportunity to play more than one season so why not Football. So I began to contact other coaches I was familiar with who had coached in the Youth Arena league first. Three coaches said that they thought that Columbia County was a baseball county and that a spring football league would never happen in this area. The Arena Youth league was special and the parents and youth players would not be interested in playing spring football on a standard outdoor field. Frank Askin was the only other coach who seemed to be interested.

So the search began. I had to find other coaches who believed what I believed. IN AN AREA WITH THIS MANY CRAZY GEORGIA BULLDOG FANS THERE HAD TO BE OTHER COACHES, PARENTS, AND YOUTH PLAYERS WHO WERE INTERESTED IN TRADITIONAL SPRING FOOTBALL. I talked to all the coaches I knew in the Columbia County Youth Football Recreation League next. Noel Simmons said he would help me with my team. Trevor Kitchens, Hollywood Harrison, John Claeys, and Scott Patterson who coached together thought I was nuts but they were in interested. I had three teams. Gary Yates was next. He had coached football in the area for years, both youth and middle school. Then Jeff Hawn, Bill Kay, and Jason cooper who coached together said they were in.

That first year we just called players we had coached before and basically had organized pickup football. CAYFA was born in the spring of 2008. We had one division with 86 players on five teams. We rented fields from the county, found referees, and coached. We were less than perfect but, we had pulled it off and played a season of youth spring football. Wow I had found some other hard headed Americans who didn’t believe that we couldn’t accomplish what we set our minds to.

This determination along with the generous financial support provided by our sponsors each year has made CAYFA possible. Subsequently in 2009 we had two divisions with a little over 200 youth players. In 2010 we had approximately 300 youth players in three divisions. In 2011 we had around 500 youth players in four divisions playing spring football. The CAYFA Football League has become a great American success story. We offer the opportunity for the youth of this area to greatly increase their football skills and compete in a sport they love. Now we have 1st through 8th grade playing spring football. You Gotta Love It!

Through our current association with USA Football we hope to bring our league to the highest level of competition. USA Football is the youth developmental arm of the NFL. Their instruction will allow our league to better train our coaches as well as improve the safety of our children.



These words are dedicated to my Son
(Stated by Hollywood Harrison-“You know Blake your responsible for all this”)